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Journey Fitness is here to revolutionize your perception of exercise. Our mission is not only to help you achieve your fitness goals and ensure your long-term well-being but also to demonstrate that you can attain these results in the comfort of your own home. The saying, ” Time is money,” holds true, and when you choose to work with us, we’ll prove how valuable your time can be. 

Our expert trainers are passionate about tailoring effective workouts that harmonize with your lifestyle and schedule, helping you make the most of every minute in your pursuit of better health and fitness. Your goals are not just targets; they’re stepping stones to a more vibrant and energetic life. 

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Jaison Strambler

Jaison embarked on his fitness odyssey as a collegiate track athlete, which led him to diverse roles within the fitness realm. From coaching athletes to aiding individuals recovering from injuries, his journey cultivated a profound passion for guiding others in the health and fitness sphere. At the start of Covid, Jaison saw a need for high quality, personalized training outside of the gym environment. From loading up spare weights in his Kia Optima to now pulling two fully loaded trailers in Austin,TX he greatly anticipates the continued expansion of Journey Fitness. As the proud owner of Journey Fitness, he crafts empowering fitness programs that cater to diverse abilities, marking the culmination of years dedicated to perfecting his craft.

Dylan Hanson 

Dylan’s journey with fitness has always been more than personal; it’s been a catalyst for both mental and physical growth. Recognizing his passion for sharing the transformative power of fitness, he began coaching in Jackson Hole. There, he orchestrated and led impactful ski fit boot camps for local enthusiasts and provided personalized training at a private studio. After years of fulfilling work, he ventured to Mount Shasta, California, immersing himself in full-time CrossFit coaching. Alongside this, he curated successful boot camps, spanning from ski fitness to dynamic kettlebell sessions, all while continuing to train numerous clients. Now, having recently relocated to Austin in September 2023, Dylan eagerly anticipates reaching new peaks in his career.



1 on 1

Private training

Experience the benefits of private training, where you’ll receive one-on-one personal training tailored precisely to your goals. We’ll craft a comprehensive plan that addresses and strengthens your weak points. 

2-6 people

Group Training

Offers an invigorating one-hour workout meticulously crafted for the group’s enjoyment while maintaining an energetic pace.



We will dive into your past dieting experiences, explore your dietary history in detail, examine your exercise routine, and finally create a tailored planned based off of macros specific for you. 


Table Stretching

We will discuss previous injuries and do an assessment of how your body is operating. Once that is done we will utilize various modalities to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by improving blood, oxygen, and lymphatic circulation.

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Our process

Once you’ve scheduled with us, we arrive promptly at your doorstep, equipped with all the necessary gear. Typically, we’ll setup in your garage and guide you through a structured workout. After we’ve completed the session, we pack up and head to our next location, making fitness a seamless part of your life. 


Book an appointment and choose what it is you're looking for from the services provided.


We bring the gym to you! All you have to do is get ready and walk outside.


I personally run you through a workout pre-programmed to fit your needs.


Track your progress with personalized nutrition guidance. We are with you every step of the way.

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